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Help me Sara: My kids won’t do their chores

My 11-year-old son and nine-year-old daughter never participate in household chores. I’m sick and tired of doing everything for them and not feeling any reciprocation. Help me Sara!

Help me Sara: How to bridge the transition from couple to parents

Our first child was born two months ago and I feel as if my husband and I have been drifting apart. Is this normal and what can we do to feel more connected in the months to come? Help me Sara!

Help me Sara: When kids won’t listen

Non-responsive kids got you down? Here’s what to do.

Help me Sara: How do I instill the importance of personal hygiene?

My 10-year-old son can go a week or more without bathing, but I can’t tolerate it. How do I instill the importance of personal hygiene. Help me Sara!

Help Me Sara: Who should be responsible for homework? My child or me?

My daughter often “forgets” to complete her homework. I have been getting notes and calls from the teacher asking me to monitor her at home but I feel that she should be responsible for her own work.

Help me Sara: My kid doesn’t want to share

Don’t worry. Just because your child doesn’t want to share his toys, you’re not a bad parent. Here’s how to handle it as your child grows.

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