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Turn these 6 nasty hygiene habits into good ones

Teaching hygiene to your kids may seem like a losing battle, but here are ways to deal with the worst offenders.

How to curb your child’s nose picking

It's gross, but it's also kids being kids. If your child is a nose picker, don’t punish; just hand over a tissue.

How Should I Start The Puberty Conversation?

The whole “we need to talk about your changing body” talk isn’t necessarily easy (or comfortable, or pleasant) for parents. (Us included.) Don’t worry— we asked a paediatrician for some help.

Ask Dr. Marla: Do dirty hands cause acne?

While it is never a good idea to have dirty skin, or touch your face with dirty hands, it isn’t the dirt that is causing the acne (though we do note that oil-based cosmetics can increase or worsen acne).


What to expect on your baby’s first visit to the dentist

As soon as you see teeth, book that first appointment.

Answers to Your Diaper Etiquette Questions

Ever heard of diaper etiquette? Where and when is it OK to change your child’s diaper?

Is grooming your kids gross or mom’s natural instinct?

Is picking your child’s earwax a natural instinct or just plain gross?

Ask Dr. Marla: How do I fix my child’s yellowish, brittle toe nails?

My child has yellowish, brittle toe nails. What’s the problem and how do I fix it?

5 Quick fixes for feeling healthier

When it comes to keeping your kids healthy, it seems like you need to be a mathematician. We’ve got some easy ideas you can do right now.

Help your teen manage acne

Help your teen give acne the boot.

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