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Help me Sara: How do I instill the importance of personal hygiene?

My 10-year-old son can go a week or more without bathing, but I can’t tolerate it. How do I instill the importance of personal hygiene. Help me Sara!

Ask Dr. Marla: I don’t bathe my kid everyday

My six-year-old showers only twice a week, yet other parents seem to give their kids baths every night. I have heard overbathing is not good for skin, especially in the winter. 

Ask Dr. Marla: Ear Wax and Your Child

I have two daughters. One daughter’s ears always get plugged with earwax, the other’s doesn’t. Why do some people seem to produce more ear wax than others and how can I help the one keep her ears clear? When they’re plugged, it really bugs her. A. We all make ear...

Timeout With Nanny Robina: Handling Nosepicking

How do you stop children from picking their nose and, worse, eating it? All behaviour has a consequence, so don’t just say, “That’s yuk! Stop!” Instead, teach your child that boogers are not for eating for two reasons: one, people watching will find it disagreeable and two, it’s a great...

Ask Dr. Marla: Dirt – Is It Harmful?

Is dirt harmful? My husband wants to set up a sandbox for our two-year old, but I am concerned that it could be full of dangerous germs, even if we cover it at night. A. How complicated such a simple question can be! To answer this I turned...

Contagious diseases in your child’s backpack

Sometimes kids bring home more than their report card.

Bowels & Bladders

Urine & Stools Your baby will urinate six to eight times each day. It is hard to tell exactly the amount of urine with the disposable diapers and it may even be hard to distinguish urine when it is mixed with a watery yellow stool. A baby boy will shoot an occasional fountain...

Bathing Baby

It doesn't matter what time of day your baby has a bath. Experiment to find the time that works best for both of you. You may find that your baby is calmer and sleepier after a bath; or you may find that your baby is ready to play after...

It’s Bath Time!

What You Will Need To Bathe Your Baby: soap (super-fatted, such as glycerine, is good for dry skin) gentle shampoo washcloth towel diapers clean clothes petroleum jelly ...

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