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Lice Happens. Here’s How To Treat It

You need to share at school, and, unfortunately, that can mean pesky lice. Here's how to combat an outbreak.

Head Lice 101: Head Lice Removal and Prevention Tips

ParentsCanada was pleased to partner with Lice Squad.com on an educational video to help stop the stigma associated with head lice and to stop the over use and abuse pf pesticides on children, families and the environment.  The video helps parents learn the Facts of Lice and shows natural treatment as well as prevention options to keep you and your family lice free.

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Lice aren’t nice

A few hours before a 40-hour road trip, I discovered my toddler had lice. Gross.

Confessions of a mom with lice

Rosalind Stefanac faced a reluctant journey into the land of lice.

How to detect and get rid of lice

Watch Dawn Mucci of Lice Squad Canada show you how to detect and get rid of lice. Video courtesy of Lice Squad Canada

Momsense: The facts of Lice

That little itch could be telling you something You encourage kids to brush their teeth to prevent cavities, right? The same proactive approach should go for lice, says Dawn Mucci, founder of Lice Squad Canada Inc., a leading Canadian lice removal, education...

Getting rid of lice

When Dawn Mucci’s son was just four years old, he came home from daycare with lice and promptly passed it on to her. “I struggled with lice as a child and felt the stigma from other children, and right away I was brought back to that place.” She soon...

Ask Dr. Marla: Lice

Click here to submit your question for consideration by Dr. Marla. Help! We can't get rid of lice from my daughter's hair. She has had it on and off for years. She's now 10 and it's been going on since she was in Grade 2. We've tried everything. ...

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