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Let It Snow!

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Hi! Welcome to our Winter issue of ParentsCanada! We're so happy you're here.

Because this is my favourite time of year, I'm especially excited to share this curated selection of articles and galleries with you, in categories like health and wellness, family activities, food and holiday gifting. Everyday we create content with parents in mind, and we hope you find something that resonates or makes your life a little easier. And if you ever want to tell me about it, find me at

Stay warm, friends, and sending all of our very best wishes for a happy, healthy 2020.

boy sits on his mother's lap to get a shot, he looks uneasy

How Can I Make the Flu Shot Less Painful?

The flu shot is extra important this year. There are lots of proven ways for parents to improve the needle experience. Read

A New Tradition

At the end of a difficult year, our editor-in-chief Katie Dupuis is starting a new tradition with her girls -- one that has deep roots in her memories. Read

A Perfect Holiday Dinner from Mary Berg’s Kitchen Party

Most of us probably think of roasted turkey with all the trimmings when we imagine a holiday meal, but this year we're suggesting you re-invent the menu with the help of Mary... Read

Why Does My Toddler Drool Non-Stop?

Do you have a drooling toddler on your hands? Dr. Marla Shapiro has answers for you. Read

A Picture-Taking Pause: One Mom’s Resolution

In a world where we document, writer Rosemary Counter has decided to be present in her memories instead of taking pictures of them. Read
text that says "Holiday gifts for kids"

24 Great Gifts for Kids

Looking for ideas Santa might not have considered? We've got you covered. Read

Christmas Morning Breakfast Ideas from Katie Mitzel

You can picture it now, can't you? Happy, bright-eyed kids (it's probably 5am, let's be real), coffee or hot chocolate (with or without Bailey's) and snow falling softly outside. Sounds idyllic, right?... Read
little girl with tissue to her nose

What to do when your child gets a nosebleed

Seeing blood gush out of your little one’s nose can send any parent into a panic, but more often than not, a nosebleed is nothing to worry about. Read
text that says "Holiday gifts for mom"

29 Amazing Holiday Gifts for Her

Mom (or Grandma or Auntie...), get ready to start sending links to whoever is buying for you this festive season. Read
Girl holding globe

5 Ways to Get Kids Involved in Social Change

There’s no better time to get involved than now. Here are five ways to get your kids on the right side of social change.  - Sponsored Read
text that says "Holiday gifts for dad"

23 Holiday Gifts for Him

Stuck for ideas for the special guys on your gift list this year? Look no further. We've got this. Read
woman with blanket over her head

10 Things They Never Told You About Pregnancy

We’ve compiled our very own ‘tell-all’ list of some of the weird and sometimes unpleasant pregnancy symptoms to look forward to, and tricks to get through them. Read
women scolding a child

Touchy Subject: Do You Discipline Other People’s Kids?

It's an age-old question: When someone else's kid is acting up, do you step in? Two parents weigh in. Read

#putdownthephone: Festive Popsicle Stick Ornaments

A crafty solution for a chilly afternoon inside, these festive cuties make for perfect homemade gifts. Read

2019 Top Toys

Our 2019 toy guide was expertly tested by elves (okay, fine, kids) at Kids & Company and in our community. We're sure you'll find something for all the littles on your list. Read
baby laying on bed smiling

What to Do if Your Baby is Tongue Tied

Often tongue tie may persist without immediately noticeable symptoms. However, as your child grows, it may affect speech, oral hygiene (due to not being able to use the tongue to clear debris from the teeth and gums), licking movements (like moistening the lips) or even playing an instrument. Read

What You Need to Know About Precocious Puberty

Precocious puberty is a medical condition in which kids mature earlier than normal. Read
Boy using Smartick on tablet

Smartick: Integrating Math Into Everyday Life

Editor-in-chief Katie Dupuis saw first-hand how math can be made a part of a daily routine, with help from Smartick. - Sponsored Read
illustration of people in a hospital waiting room

7 Ways to Improve Your Waiting Room Experience

I'm in the ER, but where's McDreamy? (Oh wait...) One parent gives helpful tips for surviving the waiting room. Read

Nursery Water: Making Life Easier For New Parents

Every parent of small children has the same answer when asked how things are going—“Busy.” This is the shortcut frazzled parents need. - Sponsored Read