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Momsense: How to take time away from your children with your partner

Time with your partner away from the kids is an important way to stay bonded as a couple. Here’s how to make it work.

Planning a getaway without your kids

Psychologist and sex therapist Dr. Laurie Betito offers tips on planning a getaway without your kids.

Getting fit with your baby

Andrea Page, a pre-and post-natal fitness coach and founder of FitMom, shares simple tips and demonstrates exercises to help new moms introduce fitness to their babies from an early age.

Momsense: How to get your kids to turn off their screens

The appeal of technology is hard for kids to resist, but taking time away from the TV, computer or smart phone is a good plan.

Tips for reducing the amount of time your kids spend in front of screens

Bev Deeth, CEO of Concerned Children's Advertisers, shares ideas on how to limit your child's screen time and turn the time they do spend on time into a positive, healthy experience.

Momsense: Line up a doctor for your baby before she’s born

There is one very important item that expectant parents should add to their checklist – finding a doctor for your baby.

Tips for finding a pediatrician and preparing for your child’s visit

Dr. Mickey Lester, Pediatrician and Author of "Say Aaah", talks about the main differences between family doctor and pediatrician, tips for finding a pediatrician, preparation tips for a child's doctor's appointment and tips for new parents when taking your baby to the doctor.

Tips for families blending cultural traditions

Jennifer Kolari, Toronto-based family therapist and the founder of Connected Parenting, has some tips for families trying to blend cultural traditions.

Mixing winter traditions and celebrations

For many Canadian families, multiculturalism starts at home with a mix of winter traditions and celebrations.

Science in the kitchen

David Sugerman, senior researcher at the Ontario Science Centre, shows how you can use food experiments to teach your kids science.

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