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Do you post photos of your kids on social media?

It’s natural for parents to want to post content about their children over social media, but should you?Two moms and an expert weigh in.

Setting limits on screen time

Screen time can be difficult to enforce, especially when we're obsessed with screens ourselves. Here's how to set limits for your family.

Four benefits of parenting using smart home technology

Parenting is no easy task, and getting a helping hand here and there is always welcome. One sure-fire way to make things a little more stress-free is to introduce smart home technology to your life.

How to help your tween safely navigate social media

If you think the phenomenon of young people staring like zombies at smartphone screens begins in the teenage years, you’d be mistaken.

Keep your child safe when they use social media

Janice Biehn, editor of ParentsCanada magazine, suggests some tips to keep your child safe when they use social media.

How to keep your kids safe online

Parents often walk a tight rope between embracing and controlling the technology in their children’s world. We want to make sure our kids are equipped with the knowledge to thrive in the digital world, yet we also want to protect them from cyberbullies, online sexual activity (ranging from viewing porn to sexting) and even just crossing the street or driving safely without being distracted by texting.

Comic Relief: Kathy Buckworth creates her own teen cell phone contract

Kathy Buckworth counters the earnest teen phone contracts floating around the Internet with her version for managing appropriate smartphone usage.

Technology can help kids stay connected to grandparents

A growing number of apps, websites and games offer opportunities for long-distance grandparents and grandchildren to go beyond conversation and engage remotely in educational activities and play.

New app helps kids with autism

Each mission in the app requires interaction between parents and their children to encourage positive relationships and connections.

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