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Spring Green and Almond Pesto

Once you see how easy it is to make pesto, it’ll be tempting to make a jar or two anytime you have surplus greens on hand.

Easy Spaghetti Carbonara

When you’re in need of a quick meal, a creamy carbonara comes together in just a little more time than it takes the pasta to cook. It's a humble sauce of starchy pasta water, eggs and Parm whisked into silky submission. And, chances are, you already have the ingredients in your kitchen. We have peas in our ingredient list, but if there's a greens strike in your home, feel free to forgo them. Carbonara is easy like that. 

Undercover Roasted Veggie Tomato Pasta

Got a kid who turns their nose up at foods they've previously loved? You're not alone. When veggies meet resistance, this hearty, delicious and lowkey sneaky sauce steps in with nary a speck of veg texture (grosssss). Consider it your Trojan horse packed full of nutrients from the likes of roasted zucchini, onion, bell pepper and carrot. It’s incredibly nutritious, unique-tasting, thick, rich, and luxuriously smooth, perfect for even the most discerning of family members. If you're not in the mood for pasta (can't relate), this sauce works beautifully as a tomato soup. Simply heat it up after blending and season to taste. Serve with fresh bread for dipping or crumbled crackers on top.

One-Pan Orecchiette Puttanesca

This is a sweetened version of puttanesca minus the anchovies, plus chickpeas and spices. It’s quick and super-practical to make because the pasta actually cooks in the sauce. Try it, and you may not feel the need to boil pasta ever again.

Beef And Italian Sausage Bolognese

When you're craving pasta but don't feel like waiting for a slow-simmered sauce, this speedy, shortcut Bolognese with beef, sausage and veggies is the answer!

Spaghetti with Instant Sausage Meatballs

Fresh sausages make instant, preseasoned meatballs with no mess; simply squeeze the meat out of its casing directly into the pan. The sausage adds flavour as it simmers, creating a delicious sauce that’s done in about as much time as it takes to cook dry pasta.

Ragù Bolognese with Tagliatelle

Ragù (meat sauce) originally comes from Bologna. There is an official version of this most famous of sauces, but many cooks, even in the ragù’s hometown, apply their own twist. This recipes uses no particular tricks, just a respect for tradition, great ingredients and thoughtful execution.

Pot of Pasta with Broccoli Rabe and Chorizo Bread Crumbs

Chorizo or Italian sausage take on a crumbly persona, and, along with breadcrumbs, create a pasta dish that's a flavour pop, no fuss.

Peanut Butter Pad Thai

There is something incredibly addictive about the sticky rice noodles combined with the tangy-sweet sauce. This version infuses peanut butter into the mix for a creamy, savoury finish. Crispy baked tofu provides extra protein and texture, and fresh carrots and green onion add a colourful finishing touch.

Seared Gnocchi with Bacon and Vegetables

Forget boiling those little carb-y pillows and sear them in a hot pan. Paired with veggies and salty bacon, you can thank us later.

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