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Broccolini Frittata with Crispy Potato Crust

Perfect for brunch or dinner, this eggy, gluten-free frittata swaps its typical pastry base for a crispy potato bottom.

Leftover Twice-Baked Potatoes

Got leftovers? Try resurrecting them in a cheesy twice baked potato!

Sweet Potato Cottage Pie and Maple Baked Pears

This beef and sweet potato combo goes down easy on a cold winter’s night. Baked pears complete the meal.


Squash & sweet potato gratin with greens

This cheesy gratin makes a nutrient-dense alternative to the usual scalloped potatoes; it’s a delicious use of both squash and sweet potatoes.


Creamy Potato Salad with Berries and Mint

Potato salad is a summer classic - this version is dressed up with seasonal berries and fresh mint from the garden.

Baked Potato Soup

This bowl of bakes potato soup makes a perfect snack or a satisfying meal. 

Roasted cinnamon sweet potato fries

Norrie loves oven baked sweet potato fries, dusted with cinnamon; ensure they don’t bake so long that they develop hard, crispy ends.

Ham, potato & cheddar chowder

If you have leftover ham in your fridge, here's a delicious way to use it up - even a small amount goes a long way to add flavour to a pot of soup, and goes so well with potatoes and cheddar.

Carrot, sweet potato and red lentil soup with orange and ginger

Carrots, sweet potato and orange juice provide a triple whammy of vitamin C, while lentils boost fibre and protein.

Curried potatoes with tomatoes and fenugreek

Fenugreek has been used to aid in milk production for centuries. This potato curry makes great use of leftover baked or boiled potatoes - or put a pot on to simmer in the morning to get a head start on dinner.

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