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Does your kid get jealous when you don’t give them all your attention?

Although most parents worry about not giving their children enough attention, giving too much attention has its drawbacks too.

One-minute mindfulness: Take a puppy break

When life gets busy, it’s easy to focus more on knocking items off of the to-do list and less on what you need to do | for yourself. And this isn’t just true for parents; kids can get overwhelmed by life too.

Why it’s ok if your child is a late learner

Some kids just don’t show interest in learning letters, colours and shapes.

Tips for parents whose children suffer from perfectionism

When children – and more often girls – hold themselves to too high a standard, mental health issues can be the result.

Parenting advice for when the family has to move

For kids who don’t love change, moving is more scary than anything, particularly if it comes with a new school.

Is forming “cliques” at a young age a bad thing for children?

The important thing to ensure as parents is that your children are in healthy peer groups.

Chore boards, family hugs and other adventures in trying to build routine

I know (I know, I know, I know) how important routine is. But it’s sooooo hard for me. And it’s been a murky and ugly transition from leading a life of spontaneity and doing-what-we-want-when-we-want to having some semblance of structure for our family.
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A playful approach to discipline

5 reasons why kids misbehave, and why discipline won’t fix them.

What to do when kids master the art of lying

Don’t worry, parents. Toddler untruths are associated with highly developed cognitive skills. After all, lying is a pretty complicated task.

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