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10 truth-revealing questions to help you decide what makes a good school

Test scores and annual rankings do not paint a complete picture. Instead, visit an open house to get a feel for the place, then book a sit-down with the principal.

Connecting with nature helps kids in the classroom

From outdoor clubs to forest schools, kids are rediscovering their wild sides, and improving their learning, too.

How three innovative early childhood programs from across the country are making a difference

In 14 years these preschoolers will graduate from high school. Their learning experiences before age six will have a surprising impact on their future success. The evidence supporting quality child care mounts.

Back-to-school products your family will love

Take a look at all of the coolest products your family will want just in time for back-to-school.


Technology Through the Ages: How society’s technological advances affect pre-school children

Ever since the arrival of touch-screen smartphones and tablets, children still in their baby chairs can access technology with ease.

Best children’s music programs from coast to coast

Looking for a music program in your neighbourhood? Check these out.

Everybody panic – report cards are coming home

I hate report cards. Grades represent results and results don’t matter in the way we think they should.

5 Ways to promote literacy and learning through music

Music is a fun way to help your child develop their reading and writing skills.

Actor LeVar Burton encourages reading with a new iPad app

American actor LeVar Burton revives the Reading Rainbow brand with an iPad app.

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