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To preschool or not to preschool?

There's debate about whether young children between the ages of zero or two and the age of five should be sent to preschool.

Children’s author Melanie Watt shares the lessons kids can learn from books

Children's author Mélanie Watt believes books can empower kids. She answers questions about why it's important to get kids interested in reading.

Getting Involved In Your Child’s School

Time Well Spent It takes a lot of effort to get involved in your child's school, but experts say it's worth it. The little boy, who was seven, couldn't read.  He couldn't recognize letter sounds.  And he couldn't do a thing to help himself.  His academic salvation rested on the shoulders...

Learning Styles

What kind of learners are you and your family members? These clues will help you identify the visual, kinesthetic and auditory learners among you. Then, not the strategies to skip and tools you can use to help keep everyone organized. ...

State of their Arts

You can see it now: And the Oscar goes to… your kid! Oh, yes, your budding Olivier, Mozart or Van Gogh has it all within his grasp. But do you have what it takes to clearly see your child’s talents without imposing your own dreams, expectations and, perhaps, disappointments...

Kindergarten Prep School

On the first day of school, an excited four-year-old Isabella walked into her Ottawa kindergarten class and never looked back. The only tears belonged to Carole Allen, her mom, who watched proudly from the hallway. Carole, a stay-at-home mom, had been helping Isabella get ready for the big transition...

Help your children be ready to learn

There are a few ways you can help your children do well in school.

10 Things PreSchool Teachers Won’t Say

I would have loved to be completely truthful with parents on many occasions, but the need to stay gainfully employed meant that I usually bit my tongue. There are common themes of complaint among preschool teachers and childcare workers, primarily relating to behaviour, sickness and attitudes. Here: The most frequent...

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