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Keep healthy snacks within reach

Janice Biehn, editor of ParentsCanada magazine, talks suggest how to make healthy snacks available for your child.

Ask a dietitian: Is variety in children’s diets important?

Are their nutritional needs are being met?

Nutrition: Omega3s are the fat that’s good for your family

Why some fats are essential to your child’s diet.

Ask Dr Marla: Should I be concerned about treats at school?

It seems like every day my son reports that he had cupcakes or donuts at school for someone’s birthday. I’m concerned he’s getting too much junk food. Should I be?

My daily song and dance: Getting children to eat during mealtimes

If parents model good behaviour of sitting down and eating meals, your children will follow.

Tips for taming the ravenous eater

It's better for your child's health that they don't gobble down their food. Here are some tips to get them to slow down during meal time.

Healthy Foods for Growing Children: Feeding Your Preschooler (2 to 5 Years)

Using Canada's Food Guide to Healthy Eating for the whole family makes sense because children adapt the same eating patterns as their families. The Food Guide gives a lower and higher number of servings for each food group. This makes the Food  Guide flexible for use for family members with different...

When your child wants to eat everything in sight

Parents know childhood obesity is on the rise. But what do you do if your kid’s appetite is impossible to satisfy?

Kids portion sizes for dinner

We explain how much food a child should be given and should be expected to eat at mealtime.

Kids portion sizes for lunch

We explain how much food a child should be given and should be expected to eat at lunchtime.

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