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It’s never too early to introduce your kids to international foods. Whet their appetites for culinary adventures. There’s a misconception that young kids don’t like strongly flavoured foods, but as long as a dish is not too spicy, there’s a whole world of cuisine waiting to be experienced. Another myth...

Helping your preschooler to get enough vitamins and minerals

A quick look at any kids’ menu at your local family restaurant reveals the usual suspects: pizza, grilled cheese sandwich, pasta, breaded chicken fingers or nuggets (just what part of the chicken do those come from?), all with a side order of fries. “We have to learn to be at...

Getting Kids Hooked on Fish

Getting kids hooked on fish can be tricky, but with these recipes, they’re sure to take the bait When it comes to power food, fish hits the mother lode: white fish are very low in fat and calories and an excellent source of protein; oilier fish are full of omega-3...

Is your child’s weight grading your parenting?

Does your child's weight reflect poorly on your parenting skills?

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