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Don’t skip the booster seat

Did you know booster car seats ensure proper seat belt positioning and can help reduce injury by 45% compared to a seat belt alone?

Keep your child visible and safe in all conditions

Janice Biehn, Editor of ParentsCanada, recently tested out a new product perfect for Halloween!  The Albedo100 Reflective Sprays are designed to keep your child visible and safe in all conditions.  Not only are they safe for your child, but also odorless, rain resistant and easy to wash off.

How to keep your kids safe online

Parents often walk a tight rope between embracing and controlling the technology in their children’s world. We want to make sure our kids are equipped with the knowledge to thrive in the digital world, yet we also want to protect them from cyberbullies, online sexual activity (ranging from viewing porn to sexting) and even just crossing the street or driving safely without being distracted by texting.

Ask Dr. Marla: Kids and water safety

I’m nervous about my four year-old being around water. What can I do t o help both her and my confidence?

What to do if your preschooler shoves something up his nose

Small objects versus the nose. Who wins?

Technology Through the Ages: How society’s technological advances affect pre-school children

Ever since the arrival of touch-screen smartphones and tablets, children still in their baby chairs can access technology with ease.

Are kindergarten “shooter drills” in the U.S. the new normal?

One ex-pat mom says kindergarten "shooter drills" in the United States are ridiculous.

Keep a child information kit

Have a child information kit packed in case your child goes missing.

10 Road safety tips to help your family navigate back to school

Keep your family safe with this road safety checklist.

Graduating from one car seat to the next

When it comes to graduating from one car seat to the next, there's no rush.

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