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Ask Dr. Marla: What are the risks of my child having anesthesia?

My daughter has to have her tonsils out. What are the risks associated with “going under”?

Teach your kids good dental hygiene

With rising cavity rates, you should be worried about your kids' dental hygiene.

Seal the Deal: Do dental sealants prevent cavities?

You make sure your kids brush on a regular basis, avoid sticky candy and rinse their mouths with water after eating sugary treats if they can’t brush their teeth. You even wrangle with those little kid-friendly flossers from time to time. Is there anything else you could be doing...

Tooth Decay in Children

Almost all decay can be prevented, although some children are more susceptible than others. The surfaces of the teeth are sites for continual deposits of plaque. Plaque consists of a combination of bacteria and salivary proteins which stick to the teeth. The bacteria in plaque ferment and produce acids...

Brushing and flossing

Oral cleansing may begin even before your baby's teeth start to erupt. Wipe the gums with a clean piece of gauze after each bottle or breast feeding. This not only cleans the mouth, but it accustoms your baby to oral cleaning procedures at an early age. The change from...

Flouride for children: yay or nay?

Fluoride works in two ways. It can be incorporated into tooth enamel while the tooth is developing deep in the jaw bone, such as through fluoridated water, or by topical application to the erupted tooth crown, such as with fluoridated toothpaste. Sources of fluoride include: Municipal water...

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