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Raising Davis: Keep your child’s extracurriculars under control

In order to enjoy one hour of watching Davis play soccer, I have to go through a long checklist.

Raising Davis: Are road trips part of your family’s life?

Our last attempt at a long road trip was three years ago. Davis doesn’t like to go on even a 20-minute drive without his handheld gaming device (PSP) or my iPad.

Raising Davis: Some kids like affection, while others don’t

From day one, Davis was a baby on-the-go. He hated being held. He was happiest when he could move, stretch, kick and feel space around him.

Raising Davis: Sometimes fighting that protective instinct is better than fighting

I have to bite my tongue at Davis’ soccer games when a big kid starts pushing him around.

Raising Davis: Do our gender ideas influence our kids?

Try as we might, our own stereotypes are hard to suppress.

Raising Davis: Dealing with back talk

Meghan's former strategy of timeouts doesn't work to ease Davis' back talk.

Raising Davis: Halloween is for everyone!

Meghan's family tries to outdo themselves every Halloween, but Davis isn't as enthusiastic.

Raising Davis: Do our kids watch too much TV?

Mom Meghan Bradley finds that letting Davis watch TV and play video games helps her get things done around the house.

Raising Davis: Do we overpraise our children?

I question whether I’m hitting the right balance between reassurance and honesty.

Raising Davis: Do dads have more fun?

Paul and I recently asked Davis what he liked about having a Mommy and Daddy. He said, “I like that you take care of me.”

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