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What It Means To Celebrate Pink Shirt Day

On the last Wednesday in February, we wear pink. Here's why: At least one in three Canadian kids has endured bullying. Pink Shirt Day is a movement that's made waves across the globe, this is how it started.

How to Teach Your Kids to Use Inclusive Language

Making sure children have the right words to express themselves and respect the identities of others is a priority now more than ever.

How to take charge if your child is being bullied

Many of us have had the talk with our kids: be aware of bullying, report any incident right away, don’t be a bystander. But are we as prepared to deal with this problem with our own children, and as an extension, their schools, if it happens to our child?

Dealing with mean girls

Here’s some Mean Girl Management 101 for you and your daughter.

New study finds parents more concerned about cyberbullying than drugs, teen pregnancy and alcohol

Primus partners with cyberbullying prevention experts at PREVNet to develop e-learning program to help.

A Nova Scotia program nips bullying in the bud

A Nova Scotia program helps kids and parents focus on social skills to prevent bullying. 

How to deal with a child who has been bullied

Father, author and educator, Michael Reist, shares advice for parents on how to deal with a child they suspect has been bullied and how to approach teachers and school administration about bullying.

The downside of the digital age – Cyberbullying

Bullying is an increasing problem among young people in Canada.

Connecting the dots: A parent’s guide to recognizing cyberbullying

Recognize the signs of cyberbullying to help put a stop to it before it escalates.

Sign a social pledge to stop bullying

Facebook Canada and partners launch the Be Bold: Stop Bullying social pledge app to help curb bullying in schools.

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