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Books on bullying

Teach your kids how to handle bullies with these two children's books.

A new theory on how bullies are made

Dr. Gordon Neufeld's new bullying theory revolves around understanding the alpha and dependent instincts.

How I survived childhood bullying

If I could speak to my younger self, I'd make sure I knew I was fine the way I was.

Canadian bullying programs that work

Research has shown the best solution to eliminating bullying is the whole school approach.

What Canada’s schools are doing about bullying

It seems like every day another story about bullying breaks the news. As schools and parents struggle to deal with the fallout, we look at the current models being used to nip bullying in the bud.

Grandma’s View: Parents need to watch for when teasing becomes bullying

It's time for adults to take action and come in from the sidelines.

Tips for parents on how to deal with cyber bullying

Cyber bullying causes deep wounds. Here's how to help.

Knocking out a bully with a joke

The strongest defence may be a comedic offence.

Are you raising a bully?

No parent wants to hear that their child terrorizes their classmates. Here's how to find out if your child is a bully.

Cyberbullying: What can we do about it?

The cyberbully can prey on anyone within reach of a computer or cell phone.

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