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After School Meltdowns? There’s a Name for That

The first week of school is under our belts. If you’ve noticed more challenging behaviours than normal in the after-school hours, you’re not alone. Increased hyperactivity and meltdowns after school are so common, they even have a clinical name: “after-school restraint collapse”.  School involves a lot of stimulation; from the...

Got A Shy Child? Here’s How To Help

If your child is uncomfortable socializing with the other children, she may be shy. Here's how to help her climb out of her shell.

My 10-year-old says he doesn’t want to go back to school

After such a fun summer of vacations and sleep-ins, should parents be concerned if their kid isn't excited about school? Psychologist Sara Dimerman weighs in.

How to make a DIY chore chart

Maybe the kids will be more into their weekly chores if you spend a crafternoon making an adorable chore-tracking system.

What It Means To Celebrate Pink Shirt Day

On the last Wednesday in February, we wear pink. Here's why: At least one in three Canadian kids has endured bullying. Pink Shirt Day is a movement that's made waves across the globe, this is how it started.

An Age-By-Age Guide To Kids And Romantic Love

Kids begin developing an understanding of romantic love at an early age. Here’s the lowdown on what love means to kids at different ages.

Talking To Kids Who Feel Too Old For Booster Seats

If your child is fighting back to ditch the booster and sit upfront prematurely, you’re going to need to put on the brakes. Here’s how.

Expert tips for raising body-positive kids

We spoke to four experts about how to best help kids learn to love themselves. (And if you could use a confidence boost, take a cue from these parents.)

How To Deal When Your School-Age Child Seems Out Of Control

Kids go through stages. But sometimes a phase is more than that. An expert dishes on behaviour and helping kids who seem out of control.

School-Age Milestones (6 to 10 Years): What to Watch For

By now, most moms and dads think they should have the hang of this parenting thing, but with every new stage of life, there’s something to learn. We’ve rounded up some of the most common milestones kids hit between the ages of six and 10, to help you with this next leg of the journey.

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