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Early puberty is on the rise

Precocious (or early) puberty is on the rise.

Kids and cell phones: Does text literate equal English literate?

Kids who use text lingo might be stronger spellers than those who don’t.

The importance of back to school routines

Family routines will help your child adjust to heading back to school and can help combat obesity.

How to help boys enjoy reading

It can be tough to get your boys to read. Here's one parent's tale about helping her son enjoying reading.

Unschooling: A step further in self-directed learning

You may have heard of homeschooling, but "unschooling" takes the notion of self-directed learning even further.

Helping raise girls’ self-esteem

Hamilton, Ont. Singer/songwriter/actress and mother of four, Queen Cee, wants girls to love and believe in themselves. As the director and founder of Be-You-tiful Girls Club, a self-esteem initiative she started three years ago to empower girls and promote multiculturalism and positive self-esteem, she recently...

Teaching your kids to read

It seems so long ago, but kids don't start reading on a schedule. It takes time to teach them.

Timeout With Nanny Robina: Teaching Your Four-Year-Old Good Manners

When my son turned four, he opened a birthday present that he didn’t like. In all the excitement, instead of being gracious he made a face. I was mortified. How can I ensure this doesn’t happen again at his fifth birthday? It’s not too early to teach your son how...

Prepping Kids To Make The Journey To School Alone

“The first time my daughter walked home from school alone I hid en route and spied on her,” says Rebecca Gaines a mom from Welland, ON. “She caught me and marched, indignantly ahead of me, upset that I had taken away her independence.” Allowing your child to take the journey...

Your Child’s Body Image

Can any woman ever forget her first experience with a bra? Mine was a ‘training bra’, an elasticized contraption that was more medieval torture device than symbol of burgeoning womanhood. I remember wandering self-consciously through the school yard, racked with the pain of this foreign object pressing into my flesh....

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