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Buyers’ Guide To Weighted Blankets

Using a weighted blanket is just like swaddling a babe or being hugged tight, and they’ve been touted for their treatment or help with insomnia, mental health issues (depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder), restless leg syndrome, Alzheimer’s and even cerebral palsy in adults, and have even shown some positive results with those on the autism spectrum.

Are Sleepovers Good Or Bad?

This might seem like a silly question (so much fun, no?) but it’s actually a pretty contentious issue. When we asked our readers, we were surprised how devisive the response was. Read on for the pros and cons of slumber parties.

Facing fears of the dark

How to help your child through scary times.

Shedding Some Light on Bedwetting

Although for most children it is not an every night problem, the unpredictability of bedwetting can be enough to affect self-image and esteem, confidence and social interaction. But what can be done?

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Is your teen getting enough sleep?

Your teenager yawns through class, naps after school, and practically needs a bullhorn to get out of bed in the morning. Rest assured (no pun intended), the odds are your teen is healthy, just sleep-deprived.

How to sleep well: The mozzzzt important parenting tip

What's the best thing we can do as parents? Teach our kids to read? Provide more emotional intelligence support? These are all fine and good, but sleeping well is one thing I'm trying really hard to instill in the kids.

The (digital) sandman: Embracing technological tools

Tech is a big part of my daily life. Bedtime proves to me that we’re at the tip of the iceberg and I’m going to charge forward and find out how to make everyone’s lives even better.

Ask Dr. Marla: What age will my child stop wetting the bed?

How old should a child be before he can sleep through the night without wetting the bed and how do I know if he’s ready to go without pull-ups?

The End of the Nap

Adjusting to the disappearance of nap time.

You’re the Expert: Bedtime Routines

You’re the Expert: About Bedtime Routines We asked you about your bedtime routines and how you put your children to bed. Don’t these descriptions make you want to cuddle up for a nap? With our three-year-old we like to sing a few short songs (a couple with Daddy, and a special...

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