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The (digital) sandman: Embracing technological tools

Tech is a big part of my daily life. Bedtime proves to me that we’re at the tip of the iceberg and I’m going to charge forward and find out how to make everyone’s lives even better.

Ask Dr. Marla: What age will my child stop wetting the bed?

How old should a child be before he can sleep through the night without wetting the bed and how do I know if he’s ready to go without pull-ups?

The End of the Nap

Adjusting to the disappearance of nap time.

You’re the Expert: Bedtime Routines

You’re the Expert: About Bedtime Routines We asked you about your bedtime routines and how you put your children to bed. Don’t these descriptions make you want to cuddle up for a nap? With our three-year-old we like to sing a few short songs (a couple with Daddy, and a special...

Ask Dr. Marla: Establishing Night-time Routines for Children

Click here to submit your question for consideration by Dr. Marla. I have three children, ages two, four and six, and lately none of them will sleep through the night. We are waking up in the morning with all three in our bed. The oldest and the youngest are the...

Timeout with Nanny Robina: Sleep Training for a Six-Year-Old

Lately my six-year-old daughter has begun to cry and scream at bedtime after we tuck her in. After our 30- to 45-minute routine there are pleas to tickle her back, questions asked over and over, demands to lay with her, claims that she is scared or has a sore...

For Many Families, Dry Mornings Are Still a Dream

It’s a typical morning for Lisa, mother of five-year old Jessica, a bright and happy little girl. Jessica comes into her parents’ bedroom for a snuggle, and Lisa notices the distinct odour of urine emanating from her nighttime training pants. “Don’t forget to take those off,” she says lightly, not...

To Sleep

Her son’s physician explained that he was having sleep terrors and not to try to wake him. “It’s worse for you than it is for him,” he reassured her. “He won’t even remember he had it in the morning.” One-third of parents or caregivers say that their child’s sleep...

Another Wet Night

  "Another wet night?  That's how my mom would greet me in the morning", says Janine Pearson describing how her mother reacted to Janine's childhood bedwetting. She didn't scold me, really, but her words were teeming with disapproval. I'm sure it made my problem worse, she says. I was always...

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