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A is for Allowance

My husband and I have two beautiful daughters, ages 13 and 16. As I write about allowance, you might (correctly) be thinking “they’re probably broke.”

Helping tweens open their first bank account

All you need is a simple jar to teach your kids about saving money and delayed gratification.

Summer job and saving tips for tweens

Start your child on the right path with these summer job and savings tips.

Yannick Bisson and his wife tackle raising 3 teenage daughters

The Murdoch Mysteries detective and his wife, Chantal Craig, tackle raising three teenage daughters.

Helping raise girls’ self-esteem

Hamilton, Ont. Singer/songwriter/actress and mother of four, Queen Cee, wants girls to love and believe in themselves. As the director and founder of Be-You-tiful Girls Club, a self-esteem initiative she started three years ago to empower girls and promote multiculturalism and positive self-esteem, she recently...

Helping kids cope with disasters in the news

Tornadoes, tsunamis, terrorist acts – adults aren’t the only ones with concerns about disasters. Most tweens are aware when they happen elsewhere and will turn to their parents for reassurance, even if none of them will likely occur close to home.

Do You Know What Your Tween Is Not Eating?

SARAH noticed that her daughter Anne was leaving to go to the bathroom frequently during dinner. This act might have seemed like little more than a urinary tract infection were it not coupled with the performance that encompassed mealtime. “She was making a show of eating, but not much...

Vacation with a Tween and a Teen

We began negotiating a major family trip. Our family translates to one mom, one dad and two boys – aged 12 and 14. We were checking out the ‘Love Your Family’ program at The Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort in the Bahamas, and, frankly, I was hesitant. Our boys are independent,...

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