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Why I Choose HIGH FIVE for My Kids’ Camps

HIGH FIVE is a quality standard used by organizations to deliver children's programs where kids have positive experiences, participate fully, make friends, learn skills and have fun.

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License Free Family Fishing in Ontario July 6-14!

Kids love fishing and those who don't still love hanging out by the water! Win-win for the whole fam!

How to prepare tweens for their first overnight trip without you

How to prepare children for their first overnight trip...without you.

Sleepover camps your children will love

With these unique sleepover camps, kids choose the adventure that’s right for them.

Family camps: Get away and have fun together at camp

Family camps provide many traditional programs, activities, and facilities, like windsurfing, kayaking, land sports, and tents.

Paying for your kids’ camps

Many camps go out of their way to make fees affordable or even cheap for parents with several children or who may be cash-strapped. 

Camp for your kids: Information sessions and questions to ask

Nothing can replace a camp visit. If you have never visited a camp, do so and you won't want to leave. Camps will welcome the chance to show you around and answer all your questions.

21 Tips to prepare your child for summer camp

The hardest part for parents of first-time campers is not only getting children to adjust to a digital-free world but also allowing them to find their own wings.

When is the best time to send my child to camp?

Explore what age is the right time to send them to camp.

Camping: Dangerous bugs and plants you could encounter

Read about the bugs, rashes and dangerous berries you might encounter while on a camping trip.

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