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Episode 7 – July 24 – Giving kids autonomy

Guest: Katie Dupuis, editor-in-chief of ParentsCanada Raising children to be thriving adults is the aim of every parent, and giving them freedom to explore the world and make choices is important. ParentsCanada editor-in-chief Katie Dupuis joins the conversation about kids and autonomy.

Episode 6 – July 17 – Non-gendered parenting

Guest: Sherry Holmes, makeitright.ca Guest Sherry Holmes, daughter of Mike Holmes, joins us to chat raising children to explore a range of interests and activities, regardless of the gender stereotype associated.

Episode 5 – July 10 – Avoiding the summer slide

Guest: Mariangela Leto, Oxford Learning Centres Many parents are concerned about their children losing academic skills over the summer. Oxford Learning staff member Mariangela Leto talks to us about this common worry and offers strategies to help.

Episode 3 – June 26 – Planning for parental leave

Expert: host Lisa Durante Having a plan for your year away from work is a smart move for any new parent. Our host Lisa Durante fields calls from two mamas-to-be, to share her expertise on what to expect for your career during...

Episode 2 – June 19 – Co-parenting after separation and divorce

Guest: Brandie Weikle, The New Family Learning a new normal after going through a separation and divorce is never easy. We talk to Brandie Weikle, producer of the New Family podcast, about how many families make it work.

Episode 1 – June 12 – Parenting in the age of social media

Social media safety expert Paul Davis joins us for a discussion on what it’s like to parent in the age of social media, both for kids on social networks and for parents who are determining their boundaries around posting pictures of and information about their children.

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