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Episode 42 – June 3 – How to Introduce Race to Children

Our responsibility as parents is to raise children who will leave the world better than they found it. Talking about race and privilege is a huge part of that. An expert certified in Workplace Diversity and Human Rights Training offers suggests.

Episode 41 – May 27 – Healthy Eating and Picky Eaters During the Pandemic

Picky eating is tricky to navigate at the best of times, but throw a global pandemic into the mix and things get a whole lot more complicated. Our hosts and registered dietitian Adrianna Smallwood discuss best practices, for parents and kids alike.

Episode 40 – May 20 – Children’s Safety and Privacy in the Digital Age

The World Wide Web is a big place. This week our hosts Katie and Jason tapped expert Doug Morton for tips on keeping kids safe online.

Episode 39 – May 13 – How this pandemic can help to shape a generation of innovators

In this unprecedented, difficult time, we’re all glued to the news and the numbers, as well as concerned for how our children are handling…well, everything. STEM education expert Jennifer Flanagan shares her thoughts on how the pandemic could actually foster innovation in our kids.

Episode 38 – May 6, 2020 -Demystifying COVID

This week, our hosts Zoomed with two doctors about COVID, including everything from how to feel safer to taking your kids to the doctor.

Episode 37 – March 11 – Helping kids “fail better”

Failure is part of life. But it can be tough pill to swallow. This week we sat down with a parenting coach to discuss tangible ways that you can help your kids when it comes to missed victories.

Episode 36 – March 4 – Making birthdays great again

We're talking about ways you can make birthdays great again—everything from understanding the “purpose” of a toddler’s party (it’s not really about the toddler) to inviting parents to join in.

Episode 35 – February 26 – Dealing with bullying

This week we unpack all things bullying. Are mean-spirited comments bullying? What should you do if your child is a victim? And how should you approach things if your little one is being the bully? Hosts Jason and Amy are joined by rapper Errol Lee, who has a mission to help youth be kind, respectful and caring.

Episode 34 – February 19 – Kids and grief

Our hosts are joined by Shannon Moroney, a counsellor and mental health advocate, to discuss strategies to help kids unpack grief and death.

Episode 33 – February 12 – Parent entrepreneurship

Maria Locker, psychologist, author and parenting expert joins hosts Jason and Lianne to discuss growing your business and being a better parent.

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