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Episode 32 – February 5 – Teaching kids about value systems

What happens if your value system is different than your kids, spouse or co-parent? Hosts Jason and Lianne unpack it with psychologist Sara Dimerman.

Episode 31 – January 22 – The evolving world of kids’ entertainment

This week our hosts chat with an expert on the evolving world of children's entertainment, as well we issues that have stemmed from these changes.

Episode 30 – January 15 – Expert tips to help kids with studying

Join our hosts Alanna McGinn and Jason Thomson as they speak with a special guest about study habits of students.

Episode 29 – January 8 – Getting back into a regular routine

The holidays are over and it's time to get back into routine. We're joined by Alanna McGinn to discuss tips on getting back to the grind after the holidays.

Episode 28 – December 18 – Avoid overspending this holiday season

Don't lose your mind or your budget during the holiday season. We tapped a tax expert on money-saving tips.

Episode 27 – December 11 – Setting achievable goals for the new year

2020 is coming right up. This week we're chatting new year goals, how to accomplish them and planning tips.

Episode 26 – December 4 – Holiday pitfalls

It's the holiday season, but just because it's a time for wonderment doesn't mean there won't be hangups. This week we're joined by parenting expert Alyson Schafer to unpack some doozies like meltdowns and teenage drinking. ⠀

Episode 25 – November 27 – Dealing with parent guilt

It's time to get over parental guilt! We know it's sometimes easier said than done. Join our hosts and Erin Pepler for some surprising insights and super helpful strategies. ⠀

Episode 24 – November 20 – Shopping for kids of all abilities

Join us today as we talk about holiday shopping for kids of all abilities. We're joined by specialist Natalie Robinson for tips.

Episode 23 – November 13 – How To Have a Stress-Free Holiday

Depending on which side of the coin you are on, holidays are either the best or a real stress-fest. If stress outweighs joy, we chat with an organizer for tips on helping you have a more relaxed holiday season.

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