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Episode 53 – September 2 – Is The Pandemic A Giant Step Back For Women?

The pandemic is hurting mom's and their roles in the workforce. Many are faced with choosing to stay home with the kids over their careers. This episode we talk about the disproportionate amount of work that often falls on moms during the pandemic, plus the stress that follows. Our hosts and guest also chat about ways moms can get some balance and learn to lean more on their partners.

Episode 52 – August 26 – Iron Recommendations and Demystifying Canada’s New Food Guide

This week our hosts chatted with a dietician from Canada Beef about ways to get more iron into the whole fam and unpacked the new Food Guide recommendations.

Episode 51 – August 19 – Should You Send Your Kid Back To School?

Sending kids back to school vs keeping them home during the, you know, global pandemic is ~such~ a tough call. And no matter which side you choose, know that you're making the best decision for you. This week we debated the "to send or not to send" topic with Stevie Baker, a distance-learning mom, and Heather Birrell, a teacher.

Episode 50 – August 12 – Being A Parent and A Partner During A Pandemic

The goal during a pandemic is survival. It's hard enough to navigate your own feelings of fear and uncertainty, let alone being there for your kids and partner. Relationship coach Barbara Santen weighs in on how to fill both roles while traversing choppy pandemic waters.

Episode 49 – July 29 – Getting A Dog During the Pandemic

It's no surprise that pet adoption is up during the pandemic. With families at home, having a new furry friend in the house sounds ideal. Our hosts chatted with Jen McCain from Dogtopia, a leading international dog daycare and spa franchise, so you don't bite off more than you can chew.

Episode 47 – July 15 – Finding Motivation

Sometimes motivation is hard to find. You're bogged down with raising kids, work and other commitments. We've got ideas to help you reignite the motivation in you.

Episode 46 – July 1 – Report Card on Physical Activity for Youth and Children

We measure how they do in school, but what about their physical activity? There's a measuring stick for that, too. Make the grade with these movement and activity tips.

Episode 45 – June 24 – Prenatal Health

From the moment the second line appears, pregnancy is an overwhelming experience. This week we're talking all about prenatal health. Dr. Hinal Sheth joins us to help address some of the most common pregnancy questions and concerns.

Episode 44 – June 17 – Regression in Kids Due to the Effects of the Pandemic and Lockdown

Regression is a normal response to what is happening in the world, it does not mean you are failing as a parent. Our hosts chat with Tania DaSilva on the best way to comfort our kids during these times.

Episode 43 – June 10 – The Motherhood Penalty

It's the penalty that a woman pays in her career to have kids. It becomes harder to get promoted, the wage gap increases. This episode our hosts and guest discuss and there's a lot to sift through.

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