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Choosing a Diono car seat – We LOVE our Diono RadianRXT

Blogger, Amy Worrell of Milk and Coco, tells us about choosing a Diono car seat.

"After testing out the Diono RadianRXT for 2 weeks I can honestly say that I am so pleased....."

When mothers feel the need to nest

Although the urge for nesting is at its peak just before baby is born, pregnant women may experience the desire to tidy up, organize and prepare for the new member of their family at any point in the nine-month journey.

Slow-roasted filet of beef with basil parmesan mayonnaise

Try slow-roasting a filet of beef, and you'll find it's the tenderest you've ever had. Prep it in advance and throw it in the oven two hours before dinner. The homemade mayonnaise with basil and Parmesan is a delicious accompaniment.

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