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How to keep your little wanderer in check

It’s every parent’s nightmare – losing your child in a public place. And yet, many toddlers love going off to explore, oblivious to – or perhaps in spite of – the fright it can cause their parents. Why?

Does using reverse psychology send your child mixed messages?

Is it wrong to leverage this idea and encourage our kids to “disobey” us? Are we teaching them that it’s good to be bad?

What to do when kids master the art of lying

Don’t worry, parents. Toddler untruths are associated with highly developed cognitive skills. After all, lying is a pretty complicated task.

Dealing with the clingy toddler

Patience is critical during the toddler stage – the toddler needs to learn it, and the parent needs to have endless reserves of it.

How to change your kids’ spoiled behaviour

Sure, it takes a village to raise a child, but what happens when tribe members insist on spoiling your wee one?

Dealing with first-born syndrome

Sometimes this will result in difficult behaviour.

Expert Advice: Should I be concerned that my toddler still sucks his thumb?

My two-year-old sucks his thumb. I’m worried it will affect his teeth. Is a pacifier any better? When should I be really concerned that he hasn't given it up?

Why toddlers love repetition in play

Reading the same book over and over? Singing the same song? You’re not alone.

How to deal with an angry toddler

If you're like most parents, one of your goals is to maintain and restore peace within your home as quickly after an eruption as possible.

Understanding fear based responses in children

Find out what Dr Susan Dundas, Child Psychiatrist at the Hincks-Dellcrest Centre, has to say on the topic of fear based responses in children.

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