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Toddler Parenting Strategies

Let’s talk about parental anxiety (and how to help curb it)

It's normal to feel anxiety and want to protect your kid from every little thing, but If the daily rigours of parenting make you as if like you’re under a dark cloud, here’s how to find a little sunshine. 

How to tell if a late walker is a cause for concern

Is your kiddo taking his time moving from crawling to walking? Don't fret just yet.

10 tips to help your kids make friends in a new country

Good friends are an important support system for kids, particularly when settling into a new environment. There are many ways parents can help to encourage and nurture these growing relationships.

Will swearing in front of my kids %#$* them up?

Deputy editor Lisa Van De Geyn speaks to a child psychologist and potty-mouth parents (*raises hand*) to answer this %#$&*@% question.

How to curb your fussy eater

Got a picky eater on your hands? Registered dietitian Jill Wallace offers the tips to ensure mealtime goes off without a hitch.

How to avoid overusing negative words with your toddler

Finding alternatives to “no” can be worth the effort.

How to nurture your toddler’s creative side

Expose your children to different situations and mediums for inspiration. A box of crayons is a good start, but here’s how to go further.

How to keep your little wanderer in check

It’s every parent’s nightmare – losing your child in a public place. And yet, many toddlers love going off to explore, oblivious to – or perhaps in spite of – the fright it can cause their parents. Why?

Tips for raising a multilingual child

If you’re concerned that exposing your children to multiple languages as toddlers will affect their speech or comprehension when starting school, don’t worry.

What to do when your little one is slow to potty-train

Parents, remember how important it is not to shame or punish your children about bedwetting or accidents. Be patient.

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