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Why some germs are good for toddlers

Toddlers should be exposed to some germs. In fact, boiling pacifiers and overly sanitizing can sometimes do more harm than good. Go ahead, jump in that mud puddle.

The Benefits of Playing Pretend

Imagination kicks into high gear at the toddler stage. Pretend play is educational, but also just plain fun.

So your kid’s in a cast… now what?

Not only are fractures and breaks painful for little bones, but thinking of ways to keep your little one entertained for the next six weeks until the cast comes off can seem an impossible task. Here are a few ways we’ve discovered can make life with a cast tolerable for your kid—and you!

8 Ways To Make Old Toys Seem New Again

If your child is losing interest in her playthings, or you’re tired of finding abandoned toys all over the house, try these tips to regain a sense of order and keep things fresh at playtime.

What to expect from parent-and-baby swimming lessons

Surviving swim class means surviving everything that comes with it.

Why trampolines aren’t all fun and games

While jumping the day away seems like innocent fun, parents should be aware of the risks involved and the safety precautions required, especially for toddlers.

How to nurture your toddler’s creative side

Expose your children to different situations and mediums for inspiration. A box of crayons is a good start, but here’s how to go further.

Five reasons camping with little ones is terrible and two reasons to do it anyways

We used to be adventurous, and then we had kids. So now, our greatest adventure is to go car camping for a weekend. Which we did last weekend. And that brings me to this point: camping with little kids is terrible. Here’s why.
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Toy Guide 2016: Toddlers

Keep your toddlers laughing and giggling with these great toy options.

Great Summer Reads

Whether you’re on the beach, sitting by the pool, relaxing inside on a rainy day or snuggling before bedtime, a book is the perfect accessory. Here are a few summer must-reads for the whole family.
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