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What to expect from parent-and-baby swimming lessons

Surviving swim class means surviving everything that comes with it.

Why trampolines aren’t all fun and games

While jumping the day away seems like innocent fun, parents should be aware of the risks involved and the safety precautions required, especially for toddlers.

How to nurture your toddler’s creative side

Expose your children to different situations and mediums for inspiration. A box of crayons is a good start, but here’s how to go further.

Five reasons camping with little ones is terrible and two reasons to do it anyways

We used to be adventurous, and then we had kids. So now, our greatest adventure is to go car camping for a weekend. Which we did last weekend. And that brings me to this point: camping with little kids is terrible. Here’s why.
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Toy Guide 2016: Toddlers

Keep your toddlers laughing and giggling with these great toy options.

Great Summer Reads

Whether you’re on the beach, sitting by the pool, relaxing inside on a rainy day or snuggling before bedtime, a book is the perfect accessory. Here are a few summer must-reads for the whole family.
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Hot toys of the holiday shopping season

Janice Biehn, ParentsCanada Magazine editor, shows off this year’s top toys on Global News, ahead of the Christmas shopping season.

Teach your child safe ways to be around pets

Janice Biehn, editor of ParentsCanada magazine, provides tips to help keep your child safe around pets.

Care Bears and Cousins Comes to Netflix

If you grew up in the ‘80s, chances are that at some point you gathered a few friends, stood in a row and yelled, “Care Bear, STARE!”

The latest products for toddler and mom

Check out the latest products to help you and your toddler grow together.

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