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Six celebs share their favourite children’s stories

The experience of reading with your kids has a sweetness that is unmatched - just ask these famous parents!

ParticipACTION’s Play List of 24 outdoor activities for kids to do before age 12

Do your kids spend too much time indoors? Check out ParticipACTION’s Play List of 24 outdoor activities for kids to do before age 12.

How do electronic devices affect play?

The importance of play time away from television and computer screens.

Playing to learn

Playing is what kids do best, and it’s a good thing, too, considering play is instrumental in your child’s development. So this year, as you start your holiday shopping, keep that in mind. Toys should be fun, but also contribute to intellectual, sensory and behavioural growth.

Toy guide 2013: Toddler

Keep your toddlers laughing and giggling with these great toy options.

Product Review: Disney Baby FINDING NEMO Amazing Animals™ Rollin’ Round Ramp

Recently we got 3 mom bloggers to review the Disney Baby FINDING NEMO Amazing Animals™ Rollin' Round Ramp. Here's what they had to say.

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What do experts say about children and technology?

Here's some advice from a few experts on how you should mix technology with your children.

Mom & Toddler program in Spruce Grove

I've started working on a Mom & Tot program for the Spruce Grove/Stony Plain area for March - April. I'm really looking forward to meeting some great moms in the area and to watch the kiddies socialize and build little friendships. Some of the things we have lined up:...

Building a picture book library

How do you build a picture book library for your infant or toddler that will sustain repeated readings and that both you and your child will enjoy?

Celebrating one year

Because Eleanor spent her first five weeks of life in the hospital, I sometimes celebrate milestones with more pomp and circumstance than necessary. But a first birthday? Surely this called for a major celebration.

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