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Turkey Tacos

This delicious and quick recipe is the perfect next-day meal solution from last night’s turkey dinner.

Traditional Pot Roast and Cottage Pie

Once reserved for special occasion suppers, a slowly braised pot roast is the perfect fall comfort food. It requires minimal prep – the oven does most of the work, transforming an inexpensive cut of meat into a tender, flavourful meal, with veggies simmered on the side. Slide it into...

Sheet pan roasted chicken thighs & veggies and easy leftover curry

One of the easiest ways to get dinner done in a hurry is to cook it all in one pot – or spread it out on a rimmed baking sheet to roast in the oven.

Real Food Fast: Roast chicken with potatoes & veggies and Homemade chicken soup

There are few meals that deliver such high rewards for minimal effort than a roast chicken. Best of all, every bird comes with a free batch of homemade stock, perfect for chicken soup.

Sausage Hoagies and Sausage Pepper Pasta

These hearty sandwiches are a riff on the classic Philly Cheesesteak, only with sausages in the leading role; the recipe doubles easily for larger families (or appetites), and leftovers can be quickly transformed into a hearty pasta sauce the next day.

Chicken, chickpea and mushroom curry

A curry can be made with any number of ingredients; leave out the mushrooms if you like, or replace them with diced sweet potato or a chopped red pepper.

30-Minute chicken & spinach curry

This simple weeknight curry is quick to pull together, taking about as much time as it takes to cook a pot of rice.

Spaghettini frittata

This eggy dish uses pasta and other leftovers around the house.

Creamy orange carrot & sweet potato soup

If you’re looking to deliver a beta carotene boost, look no further. This smooth and creamy soup is subtly sweet and brilliant orange, flavoured with orange juice and ginger.

Classic beef stroganoff

A throwback to the 60s, beef stroganoff is similar to a simple stew, made creamy with sour cream and traditionally served over buttered egg noodles. Using cheaper, tougher cuts of meat and slow-cooking them (or using the pressure cooker) results in a divinely tender, flavourful dish that requires very...

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