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Garlicky Cuban Pork

Your instant pot is ready and willing to help you get this delicious meal on the table. This Cuban pork recipe is great leftover, perfect for your lunch box or the kids'.

Chana Masala

Chana masala is an inexpensive chickpea dish that comes together in no time. It gets better with age, so use up the leftovers wrapped up in a soft pita or tortilla or puree into a soup.

Lemon parmesean risotto

This tasty spin on traditional risotto is sure to please your family at mealtime. Try using leftover risotto to make arancini balls for lunches.

Chicken & Cheddar Taquitos

Stretch your roast chicken into these tasty roll-ups!

Almond Butter Humus

This simple hummus gets an added boost of protein, vitamins and minerals from almond butter, which adds a delicious nuttiness in place of the usual tahini.

Festive Fig & Hazelnut Brioche

This festive fig and hazelnut brioche loaf can be made with any kind of dried fruit and nuts - it's baked in a bread cloche, to capture steam and create a perfect crust.

Turkey Tetrazzini

Creamy turkey tetrazzini, a traditional Italian dish, is pure comfort food that tends to be a hit with kids – if they’re not keen on mushrooms, leave them out, or replace them with another veggie, like chopped zucchini.

Turkey Jambalaya

Jambalaya is a Creole Spanish dish made of rice, chicken, sausage and shrimp, simmered with tomatoes and stock – it’s a great meal when you need to feed a crowd. Bring the wide pan right to the table and serve it with a tossed green salad for a complete meal.

Butter chicken sandwiches

Butter chicken is delicious over rice or mopped up with fresh naan - but how about in a chewy, crusty baguette to enclose and absorb all that delicious sauce?

Roasted squash & ricotta ravioli

Ravioli is simple to make using wonton wrappers – and filling and pinching them closed is a great activity for kids to take on in the kitchen.

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