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Morning sickness woes with baby number two

Woman puking - morning sickness woes with baby number two

Before Christmas, we found out that baby number two is on the way! As with my first pregnancy, I assumed I was coming down with the flu, like everyone else in the office. But when the symptoms weren’t going away, I started to suspect something else was going on. 

I was suddenly disgusted by all smells and foods within three days of taking a pregnancy test. A month later, it still makes me feel nauseous! I remember during my first pregnancy, once the date of the second trimester started to loom near, I felt relieved. “Yes! Finally I can love food again,” I thought. And boy, I did. 

This time, I am still impatiently waiting. The smells, feel and look of almost all foods turns my stomach. I love to cook, so I’ve been struggling with this for the past month. Luckily, I have a husband who is more than willing to do the cooking when he is home. But when he’s not around, well, I pick away at things and I attempt to make nutritious meals for baby H. All while attempting not to smell or touch the food I prepare for her.

I do not remember being this ill with my first baby, so it just goes to show how each pregnancy really is different from one another. As a way of coping, and diminishing the nausea, I’ve attempted to eat small amounts, drink peppermint tea and ginger ale, eat crackers, toast and cereal, take all-natural ginger vitamins, and eat scotch mints.

Were you affected by morning (or in my case, all-day) sickness? What did you eat or drink to handle the nausea?

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