10 celebrity moms who breastfeed their babies

By CelebrityBabyScoop on October 04, 2012
Marika Tsircou

Marika Tsircou

A self-proclaimed attachment parent, Beverly Hills Nannies star Marika Tsircou opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about nursing her 13-month-old son Xander.

“It will make your baby healthier, stronger and smarter,” she claimed of breastfeeding on demand.

She even shared some of her best breastfeeding advice for our readers: “Whatever you do, do no…I repeat do not listen to the nurses at the hospital who try to push formula while your milk comes in,” she urged. “Colostrum is the best thing for your baby and though it will be painful, difficult, exhausting and very challenging let your baby suckle all day and night if need be to stimulate your milk.”

She added: “I still nurse Xander on demand and believe it’s always the best way. My original goal was one year but Xander has no idea he just turned one and to him it’s just another day he’d like to be nursing. He loves to nurse and I love to make him happy so I have no plans to wean anytime soon.”

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By CelebrityBabyScoop| October 04, 2012

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