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“24” actress Kim Raver: “Family Is extremely important to me.”

“24” actress and mom-of-two, Kim Raver, recently dished with Celebrity Baby Scoop about her sons (Luke & Leo), finding “me” time, and staying healthy. When asked about her sons, Kim shared, “They are learning how to live in a completely new country. My husband and I decided it is important for us to all be together even when we have to work in different places. I took them out of school in December. They had been there a couple of years and totally uprooted them. We found two amazing schools in London. I’m really proud of them as they have had to learn how to incorporate themselves into a new schooling system and a new culture. That’s a lot of change, but they’ve really embraced it. They know they are very lucky to have that experience. “When we asked how she finds “me” time, Kim said, “We have to remind ourselves to make me time. For me, I like my little cup of coffee in the morning. It’s not so much the coffee, as much as it’s a nanosecond of me time. I think that re-energizes me and I’m able to reach out and be there for everyone else. I try to make my workout things I love to do – yoga, running or spinning class.” We asked what kinds of healthy habits Kim has incorporated into her lifestyle, she said, “I think its finding ways to combine my health with the things I want to get done. For example, on the weekend I really want to be with my kids, especially if I’m working during the week. Sometimes I think I have to choose between my workout and spending time with my kids. However, I can do both by having the kids get on their scooters and I’ll put on my running shoes so we can run and scooter in the park.”

When asked about her family’s summer plans, she shared, “My husband is French, since we’re shooting in Europe, I think we are going to see my in-laws and let the kids spend some time with their grandparents. Then we will come back to the states and spend some time with my parents. As of now, I have time for family and traveling around and spending time with my boys.”

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