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3 ways to save water when doing laundry

On average, Canadians do 260 full loads of laundry annually. That works out to an average of 40,000 litres of water down the drain. According to BC Hydro, switching to cold water reduces your carbon footprint by as much as 240 kg in one year. Using a high efficiency machine can also increase those savings and further help the environment. Check out these savvy choices: 
Laundry%20tools - 3 ways to save water when doing laundry
T-Fal Aquaspeed Autoclean 

Save energy and arm strength with T-fal’s new Aquaspeed Autoclean iron and steamer in one. The Eco-energy setting uses 20 percent less energy, while the palladium coating prevents microfibres from sticking. Coupled with an ergonomic design, this appliance makes ironing easier and faster. 
$99, at The Bay, Sears, Home Outfitters, Home Hardware and London Drug stores.
Samsung washers and dryers 431, 520 and 5371 

These Energy Star-rated appliances are smart! They know how much water and energy to use for every load. The mixed load bell rings when any garments are dry. Take them out while jeans and other heavy items stay in for longer. The eco-cold wash cycle uses cold water and foam to clean your clothes as effectively as the usual warm water cycle, but using 53 percent less energy.
From $999.99 to $1,649.99, at Future Shop.
Tide PODS 

The first multi-chamber laundry detergent capsule works even in cold water. The unit dose is twice as concentrated as liquid detergent and the advanced plastic wrapping dissolves completely as it removes stains. No need to recycle the cool, reusable container. Compatible with top loading or front loading High-Efficiency machines. 
$4.99/14-load bag; 
$16.99/57-load tub, at major grocery stores and retailers. 

Originally published in ParentsCanada, April 2012

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