6 must have items for an active summer

By ParentsCanada staff on May 24, 2012

Summer is off to an early start this year, which means it’s time to get the whole family outside to enjoy that sunshine! Here’s a list of our favourite products to help make your summer an active one.

Salomon Synapse Hiking Shoes from Sport Chek
If you’re hitting the trails this summer – or even just the park – these natural motion, light hiking shoes will make a great companion. 
Tip: If you’re planning on a day-long hike, remember that the more weight you’re carrying, the stiffer your hiking shoe should be, to accommodate.

$129.99, Sport Chek
Fridge-to-Go Lunch Fridge from MyFridgeToGo
Keep lunches fresh and cold with this fantastic Fridge-to-Go cooler. The cold pack is hidden inside the entire back portion of the lining so it keeps a nice, even cold temperature without taking up valuable food & drink space. The cooler stays cold up to 12 hours and it’s perfect for camp & day trips.
$19.99, MyFridgeToGo
Energetics Yoga Kit from Sport Chek
The summer doesn’t have to be all about the kids. If you can steal some time away for yourself, spend an hour or two a week doing some light yoga. 
The Energetics Yoga Kit includes a mat, block, strap, and a convenient carry bag. It’s perfect for when you need a little “me” time. 
Tip: Yoga is all about the art of breathing. Make sure to breathe from your diaphragm, inhale through your nose and exhale out your mouth.
$34.99, Sport Chek
First Cleats
These adorable baby booties are made to look like sporty cleats but they’re much softer and cuter. Whether you’re a baseball fan, a soccer fan or just love sports you’ll these First Cleats for your little one!
$29.95, First Cleats 
Rollerblade Spark 80 Inline Skates from Sport Chek
Exercise around the city with these Rollerblade Spark skates. It’s great exercise, and, for hockey players, it’s also good for off-ice training. 
Tip: the fit of your skates is very important. When buying skates for fitness only, match the size to your normal shoe size. If you’re looking for roller hockey skates, go for something 1.5 sizes smaller.
$149.99, Sport Chek
Large Square Springfree Trampoline
This trampoline is designed for safety; in fact, it’s the world’s safest. They’ve made sure it doesn’t have any of the features that cause injury on spring-based trampolines. No springs, no hard frame to fall on, and you can’t fall off. The kids will be jumping for joy in their new fun state-of-the-art backyard trampoline.


By ParentsCanada staff| May 24, 2012

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