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Animal Puppets

Animal puppets - craft

  • On a sheet of felt that you want to use for the main body of the puppet, trace hand of the puppet user with middle three fingers together and thumb and pinkie extended. Trace handshape adding 2.5 cm to the width all the way around.
  • Cut out the shape, then lay it on another sheet of felt to make a duplicate, or cut two at the same time.
  • Using a simple blanket stitch, begin at the bottom corner of the puppet and stitch the two sides together.
  • Cut out nose and ear shapes, lay them in place, and glue. Then glue different sized googly eyes in place. Add decorative buttons, paws and a tummy.
  • Let dry, then watchthe stories unfold!


Felt sheets in various colours

Fabric scissors

White glue

Googly eyes (varying sizes)

Pompoms (varying sizes and colours)

Wool and large needle
Fabric covered brad fasteners

Craft magnets

Published March 2010

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