11 best beaches across Canada

By Eric Thom on June 17, 2018
British Columbia, Spanish Banks Beach

British Columbia, Spanish Banks Beach

Best place to take in alpine views and potentially ski on the same day

Vancouver's George Sadler is a selfproclaimed beach aficionado, and he’s hooked on Spanish Banks Beach less than nine kilometres from the city centre (one of several beaches within the city that merit his praise). “The water’s been significantly cleaned up over the last 15 years and, while not as warm as a lake, it’s perfect throughout most of the summer. It has amazing views of the cityscape surrounded by almost 360 degrees of beautiful mountains.” George says there’s no need to pack the car with games and toys to amuse the kids, since the beach is enough. “There’s miles and miles of sand and you won’t be rubbing elbows with your neighbours.” Views of large ocean-going freighters, sailboats, the mountains and the cityscape are eclipsed only by the area’s potential for beachcombing in the tide pools for interesting sea life like clams and starfish. Bonus: free parking.


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By Eric Thom| June 17, 2018

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