11 best beaches across Canada

By Eric Thom on June 17, 2018
Prince Edward Island, Panmure Island Beach

Prince Edward Island, Panmure Island Beach

Best place to dig up your dinner and cook it fresh

Tami Martell’s favourite is Panmure Island Provincial Park. “The beach is beautiful though not a lot of tourists seem to go there.” She and her husband, Mike, have lived in Milltown Cross for 13 years. Soft shell aqua farmers (clam-diggers) by trade, they’ve raised six children so they know all the local beaches. “Panmure has a stunning stretch of beach with soft, white sand. Sand dunes provide a sense of seclusion. The water feeds from the southern Gulf of St. Lawrence yet the shallow waters keep it surprisingly warm. You can walk for three kilometres on sand followed by rocky, sandy areas for another few kilometers. One of the area’s highlights is an 18-metre tall, working lighthouse built back in 1813, which still alerts ships to a nearby shoal along its northeast shore. “We anchor our boat just off the lighthouse and swim amongst the rocks to dig bar clams and cook them on the beach. It’s a beautiful spot.”

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By Eric Thom| June 17, 2018

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