Tim Daly dishes on life, fame, love, family, Wings, Private Practice and Madam Secretary

By Kara Mayer Robinson of ReallyFamousPodcast.com on February 14, 2018

Actor Tim Daly (Madam Secretary, Wings, Private Practice, Diner) chats with me on the Really Famous podcast.

He gets candid about

  • being famous (ish)
  • going from a country kid to a film & TV actor
  • and his relationships with the important people in his life: his kids, grandson, sister (Tyne Daly) and co-star (Tea Leoni).


For more intimate celeb-interview podcasts, visit www.reallyfamouspodcast.com and follow on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

By Kara Mayer Robinson of ReallyFamousPodcast.com| February 14, 2018

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