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Former NFL star Hank Baskett on parenting: “When you have a child, it makes you appreciate the little things every day.”

Former NFL star and proud papa Hank Baskett recently chatted with Celebrity Baby Scoop about happy family life with wife Kendra Wilkinson, their 4-year-old son Little Hank, and daughter on-the-way. When asked how fatherhood has changed him, Hank shares, “First off, I get to be a kid again. I get to live vicariously through Hank. We’re building Legos left and right now. I was a Lego fanatic when I was a kid. When you have a child, it makes you appreciate the little things every day. You see things as your child is developing, especially at a younger age, that you don’t remember when you were a kid.” When asked what little Hank is like, he says, “Oh, he’s such a sweet kid. This little kid just makes your heart melt like butter. He loves to build and loves Legos. He creates these magnetic shapes and I’m so impressed that every day he can build bigger and better. When asked how little Hank feels about having a new baby sister, he said, “He is so excited to be a big brother and he knows he gets to help protect this little sister.”

What Hank has to say about Kendra, “When a woman gives you a child, she is truly giving you everything. I just grow more and more in love with her over the years. To this day, I fall in love over and over because she keeps me on my toes and I never know what to expect from her.” You can find him next co-hosting the first annual Every Thing for Dads Convention in March which is a grassroots movement designed to raise awareness of the increasing need for dads to be involved in parenting.

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