50 must-do summer activities

By ParentsCanada staff on July 24, 2018


Summer is for making memories. So, without further ado, check out our ultimate list of must-do summer activities (in no particular order). Party on, friends.  

1. Have a campfire
2. Jump rope
3. Drive to a waterfall
4. Go on a hike
5. Jump in the lake
6. Paddle in a canoe or kayak
7. Make s’mores
8. Play charades
9. Blow bubbles
10. Take a road trip
11. Visit the farmers’ market
12. Bake a pie
13. Catch a frog
14. Lay under the stars
15. Take in a double feature at the drive-in
16. Pick wild flowers
17. Play badminton
18. Have a BBQ
19. Play hopscotch
20. Go to the beach
21. Pick berries
22. Flag down the ice cream truck (and eat a sweet treat)
23. Mow corn on the cob
24. Read a book in a hammock
25. Have a beach or park picnic
26. Make macaroni salad
27. Skip a rock across water
28. Go camping
29. Catch a fish
30. Have a scavenger hunt outside
31. Watch a baseball game
32. Go down a waterslide
33. Drive a go kart
34. Do a cartwheel in the grass
35. Eat an ice cream cone (or five)
36. Ride a bike
37. Make a fort
38. Build a sandcastle
39. Collect shells
40. Have a lemonade stand
41. Go on a rollercoaster
42. Draw on the sidewalk with chalk
43. Visit a flea market
44. Watch fireworks
45. Sleep in a tent in the backyard
46. Go on a boat ride, whether your own, a friend’s or a ferry
47. Plant a tree
48. Have a yard sale
49. Make strawberry jam
50. Have a backyard party

By ParentsCanada staff| July 24, 2018

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