Jady Babys Soft Soled Boots wins 2013 Mompreneur award

By ParentsCanada staff on March 21, 2013
Congratulations to Saskatoon’s Jade Barr of Jady Babys Soft Soled Boots (jadybabys.com)!

Jade was selected from more than 300 nominees after 64,000 online votes were cast. The award was announced March 2 in Toronto at a gala dinner following the first annual Mompreneur Conference.

“I’ve been sewing since I was 11,” said Jade, with 14-month Emery on her hip (three-year-old Cameron didn’t make the trip). Jady Babys began in February 2010 when Jade sewed her first bootie prototype and posted images to Facebook. By June 2010, she was in business and has since expanded her product line to include “leggies,” flats for babies, baby wraps, cart covers, diaper purses, play mats and other coordinating clothing. “The money and prizes are really going to come in handy!” said Jade.

“The success that Jade has already accomplished with Jady Babys is incredible, and we are so proud to honour her with this award,” said Maria Locker, founder and CEO of TheMompreneur.com. “We couldn’t be more pleased to award her for her determination, hard work and creativity.”

ParentsCanada co-sponsored the award (with Savvymom.com) and was on hand with Al Haid, President and CEO of Children’s Education Funds Inc., who donated $5,000 to the prize. Jade also won another $25,000 worth of business services, including a premium submission package to Parenttested Parentapproved (PTPA).

“Do not wait for luck to strike,” PTPA founder and CEO Sharon Vinderine told the audience of about 175 mompreneurs. “You often hear people say ‘Oh, he’s so lucky he started a business at the right economic time. Oh , she’s so lucky, she had enough money to fund an idea. …None of that is about luck. It’s about perseverance in the face of obstacles. Yes, you can start a business during an economic boom, but sustaining that business over a long period of time takes perseverance. Yes, you might have the finances to start up a business but that doesn’t guarantee its success.” Sharon also tells mompreneurs to create their own board of advisors. “It’s easy during the startup phase of a business to lose confi dence in yourself and your abilities and that’s why a team of ‘cheerleaders’ is so important.“

Another tip? Create a priority list for your business, says Jennifer Varner, founder and CEO of PureEcommerce.com, which specializes in helping first-time entrepreneurs create ecommerce businesses. “So many times I see my clients work on the wrong tasks first. They work on what they enjoy – the more creative and fun side of their business. Ask yourself, ‘Are these tasks going to bring my business money in the shortterm or longterm?’ Focus on creating shortterm cash flow first.”

Jennifer also recommends learning all aspects of your business, not just the parts you like. “I hated Search Engine Optimization (SEO) when I started my first ecommerce business. Then two years in I realized I was out of advertising dollars. Since I never focused on what would bring in money three, six and 12 months down the road, I had spent the past year focused on what I loved and never pushed myself to learn what was hard for me.”

Originally published in ParentsCanada magazine, April 2013.

By ParentsCanada staff| March 21, 2013

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