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By ParentsCanada staff on March 27, 2013
Film: Revolution

Film: Revolution

Environmental movements often hang on the sad-eyed face of an endangered animal. But Toronto’s Rob Stewart, environmentalist-turned-director, has a different idea. In Revolution, the sequel to his box office smash Sharkwater, the endangered species is us.

Sharkwater shone a harsh light on the devastating environmental effects of hunting sharks for their fins. Not only was it a financial success (it made $5 million), but it was an environmental success, raising awareness on the issue and triggering many people – especially youth – to pressure their governments to ban the import of shark fins.

Revolution aims to tap into and engage that same youth audience. The film features stories and footage of inspiring young environmentalists. Though Rob is committed and passionate about the cause, he admits he doesn’t have all the answers. “We have to come together and decide how many people we want on this planet and what our levels of consumption are. The greatest thing I can do is help educate the public.”

To kids wanting to make a difference to the earth, Rob encourages them to get active and join environmental groups. “Become conscious of your own environmental impact, avoid mass consumption and write the government.” – Elizabeth Kiy

In theatres across Canada April 12

Originally published in ParentsCanada magazine, April 2013.

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By ParentsCanada staff| March 27, 2013

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