Princess Rapunzel head

By Susan Rogers on September 17, 2013
If your child is a fan of fairytales, they can be Rapunzel with this homemade wig. (This requires drying time, so start a week ahead)

You'll need:

1 yellow bathing cap
1 large spool of yellow curling ribbon
rubber cement
dollar-store tiara (don’t use a real one!)


1. Stretch bathing cap over styrofoam wig stand.

2. Cut pieces of the curling ribbon at random lengths, but at least 90 cm (2.5 feet).

3. Starting along the bottom edge of the bathing cap, stick one end of each ribbon strip side by side all the way around using rubber cement.

4. Continue adding strips layer by layer all around the cap moving towards the top of the head. It is best to let each layer dry thoroughly before adding the next.

5. When you reach the top of the cap, cut several double-length pieces of ribbon and glue each piece in the centre at the top to cover the “part”.

6. No need to curl the ribbon as it will already have a soft curl from being wound onto the ribbon spool. Trim the front pieces to create a fringe, or secure the longer pieces at the front away from the face.

Just add: a basic princess dress, a tiara on the top and away you go. The perfect princess!

Originally published in ParentsCanada magazine, October 2013.

By Susan Rogers| September 17, 2013

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