Best March Break Activities and Events North of Toronto

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Oh why yes, yes it IS March Break very soon! This is the perfect time to plan a few fun day trips or a family getaway north of Toronto!

What kind of spring breaks activities and events can kids do? A visit to areas north of Toronto like Barrie, Georgian Bay, Muskoka, Northern Ontario and the Kawarthas (and more!) bring your kids a chance to connect with nature and get moving outdoors after a long winter. Many activities are new and things you’ve maybe not tried before or you can find the same old classic familiar winter fun.

We know it’s been a long winter with an abundance of snow. Right now we all have tulips and gardens on our minds but in all reality we still have several weeks left to embrace all this fun white stuff. Take inspiration from the Olympics and Ontario Winter Games and take your kids outdoors and get them moving and grooving under blue skies and sunshine.

1. Snowshoeing

This can be an exhilarating activity depending on the pace. A slower pace is recommended for families with younger children. A variety of light-weight snow shoes make the snowshoeing a lot easier today. Many snow destinations have snowshoe rentals or in some cases include snowshoes are included in snowshoe getaway packages. *411-tip: this activity is getting very popular. Tons of family fun exploring and well, it tires everyone out real good!

2. Skiing and Snowboarding

Downhill Skiing, Snowboarding or Cross Country Skiing either at the best resorts in Ontario are one way to fully enjoy March Break. The physical benefits are perfect to get your child moving after a long winter. Check Ski, Snow, and Snowboard reports. *411-tip: Enroll the children in lessons if going downhill skiing or snowboarding. Depending on you’re child’s age there are trained professionals who can take some of this frustration out your visit so you can have more fun! If your kids are the right age, it also means an hour or two for adults who would like to see more than the Bunny Hill! 

3. Snow Tubing

Get your own snow tube or indulge with a snowtubing getaway at a hill nearby or in resort destinations north of Toronto. Check out our Intro To Snowtubing blog and see what the fun is all about! *411-tip: Be prepared to laugh. Adults will feel like children again.

 4. Outdoor Skating & Hockey

It’s easy to find many ice-rinks throughout the province plus lakes for pond hockey. Many of our members also have outdoor rinks or have partnered with local recreation centres for passes. Grab a hockey stick and a game of shinny or broom ball at a rink north of Toronto at resorts or in the many towns and cities. If you’re staying somewhere without a rink, check out the local recreation centre for public skatings times.

*411-tip: if you’re playing hockey, it’s not just about the players. Get the whole family involved, for those who don’t want to play hockey, they can be referees, fans , commentators! Get into it with team colours, face paint for the fans or bring music if you can! Use your imagination and get creative.

5. Take a Hike!

There nothing more wondrous and beautiful than the Winter/Spring transition. If you’ve got kids who love mud, now’s a chance to take to a forrest and let them play in that muck! *411-tip: bring a change of footwear for getting back in the car!

6. Dog Sledding

Experience a dog sledding adventure at a winter carnival or at one of the many resort destinations north with a dog sledding getaway.

7. Birdwatching

Nature viewing-bird watching-migration of waterfowl as birds look for open water. Kids love to feed the birds. Check out the Wye Marsh for it’s Bird of Prey shows, huge trumpeter swan population and a chance for your kids to hand feed eager chickadeers!  *411tip: Do not forget your camera, the look on your child’s face as a bird lands in their hand is magical! Be patient and you’ll capture that shot!

 8. Ice Fishing

Enjoy an ice fishing getaway. Or plan an ice fishing adventure with local ice fishing setups and always be safe.

*411-tip: Bring extra activities for the kids to keep them interested and busy when the fish don’t bite right away. See our tips for fishing with kids!

9. Winter Bonfire

Enjoying an outdoor bonfire–kids love to roast marshmallows and sip hot chocolate after an outdoor winter activity or adventure. Many of our featured family winter getaways offer this activity, if it’s not posted, just ask! *411-tip: if permitted, you can even do this one at home!

10. Maple Syrup festivals

Early Spring or late winter in March towards the end of the winter season and offer up a great family experience with sleigh rides, maple syrup tasting, snow maple fudge where hot syrup is poured on fresh snow–a truly Canadian event. Get out and enjoy one of the many Maple Syrup Festivals north of Toronto. Many resort destinations will be producing Maple Sap during the Spring March Break Getaway season.

Featured March Maple Festivals

11. Day Camps & Event

If parents are working this might be a great option for your children. They have fun while learning and meeting new friends and often are outdoors. Some day camps can be more active and athletic. Our events calendar for March Break is bursting with ‘game day’ decision events, activities or book ahead day camps. If you’re away on a getaway, consider a day camps activity for your child. Many local libraries aslo have free events for families.

Winter Activities are a great way to have fun waiting for spring. Accommodations, attractions and all kinds of fun March Break fun stuff is waiting for you and your family north of Toronto!

Have a great March Break!

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