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Valentine’s Day date ideas

Whether you and your partner have been together for 20 years or have just been dating for 20 days, you might be in need of some fun and untraditional ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day or any other special occasions. We’ve scoured the possibilities and come up with some dates you might want to try. None involves simply going out for dinner!

Get competitive

There is nothing more fun than a little friendly competition. Instead of just going to dinner, try bowling, board games or even interactive video games. No matter what you choose, your heart will be pumping!

Go outdoors

Have you ever gone tobogganing at night? Why not put on a pair of snow pants, find your favourite (lit) hill and grab on tightly to one another as you rediscover your inner child. Or lace up those skates, hold hands and go for a whirl at your local rink. Afterwards, find a cozy spot for a hot chocolate or fondue.

Stay in

If you can’t get a sitter (or forgot to book in advance!) get creative in the kitchen. Plan a menu, shop for ingredients together and have a glass of wine while you slice, dice, and heat up the night at home. Later, curl up on the couch and watch a movie (for a list of the most romantic movies click here), and end the night with a bubble bath or massage.

Back to school

Take the opportunity to learn something together. Sign up for a dance class at a nearby studio, take a pottery course (remember the pottery scene in the movie Ghost?), learn to make your own beer or wine or look into couples massage or sex-ed classes.

Take a mini-holiday

If you’re looking for romance and have a weekend to spare, your perfect destination may be just a flight away. Taste test ice wines at a winery in the Niagara region, ski in Banff, shop till you drop in Toronto, check yourselves in at a spa in Vancouver or take in some history in Quebec City. The world awaits.

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